By Robert Lichtman
I have a belief that it is the little things in life that have the most impact on us and the communities we live in. Life is short, and the long road up the mountain of political change is not only riddled with potholes, fallen trees, washed out sections, faulty bridges and hidden predators. Not to mention a life time of commitment to reach a height where your voice can be heard, a regular maze. So it is my hope that by exploring the possible ways of working on small scale projects here in this wonderful community of Rockland we start a trend. This is not to say this has not already happened in the past, Rockland has a rich history of altruisium and generosity from citizens in the past, the Farnsworth museum is a prime example although it may not fit the definition of a small thing. The time has come to realize we have a wealth of opportunities which are waiting to be discovered.
As we start a new year I am thinking of what I can do to carve out a small piece of the puzzle and how it will fit into the image and vision of those who have come before and after me. After spending the last five years learning as much as I can about the realities, limitations, needs, and wants of the citizens of Rockland I have started coming up with ideas which may foster positive changes in attitudes, perceptions, and participation in building a future for Rockland in which we are all invested and proud of.
True change can only come from within, but that first quiet step toward a new path can come to us from the wisdom, ritual, and practices of our ancient ancestors. Well over 5000 years ago the first Labyrinths were created, and this simple form of a walking meditation was found effective in intranscending the limits of still meditation and openning up new possiblities for renewal and change. I would like to build a small Labyrinth on the city owned MacDougal park property, it can be done with no cost to the tax payers of Rockland. I have the plans for making a copy of one of the oldest known Labyrinths, it can be made from almost any material available even a simple layout and a lawnmower on the grass field will work. I can do it myself, but my hope is to have like minded people join me in this effort. and since the MacDougal property is deeded and donated by an ancestor of the community to the children of Rockland it would be great to have them involved also. Unlike a maze with it’s dead ends and fearsome Minotaurs the Labyrinth is a safe single path in and out of the center, which is a metaphor for the journey to the center of our soul and back out to the world around us. As the world around us becomes an increasingly larger maze of confusion and fear why not rediscover the power of the Labyrinth to get us back on the path to positive change and peace.
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