Issue 59: Rockland Rolls

By: Ron Staschak

Friday, May 18th, 2018 is bike to work day.

Rockland Rolls — a group dedicated to improving the bicycle experience in Rockland — will be hosting this event. We will have a booth on Main Street. It will be open from 6-7am. Please join us for a short ride, this evening, May 18th, around Rockland at 5:30pm. Rockland Rolls is planning on sponsoring rides this summer. We will be making plans about time and length at a later date.

There are simple ways that the infrastructure of our roads can be improved that will allow better use by both bicyclists and pedestrians. Rockland Rolls is working with local government officials, members of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine (BCM), and Maine Department of Transportation (M-Dot) officials to ensure that this happens.

On a personal note, I would like to talk about bicycling on the Mid-Coast. Because we live here, I think we sometimes forget what we have. Bicycling along the mid-coast is amazing. Bicyclists come from all over the country (and world) to bike along our coast. The views are breathtaking. I have biked in every state and bicycle toured in 42 states. The midcoast of Maine is where I want to ride.

Recently, the roads along the peninsula were redone and wide shoulders were added for better bicycling experience. Rockland Rolls is working with the BCM and the M-DOT to create a better Camden Street (Maverick to Waldo). We want to create a better traffic flow for all vehicles and pedestrians.

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